The Boys Who Challenged Hitler

Have you ever looked at someone you fear? Someone powerful? Would you ever even fathom talking with that person or even dream of fighting against him? That’s exactly what fourteen-year-old Knud Pederson did and it was against one of the world’s most horrible men of all time: Adolf Hitler. The Boys who Challenged Hitler, by […]

The Bronze Bow

Has someone ever done something terrible to you? Something that you thought you could never forgive? Well, that’s exactly the kind of thing that happened to Daniel, a young man whose father was murdered gruesomely, in the book The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare.  His mother died as well from grief, pain, and hunger. […]

Abel’s Island

Have you ever known anyone who brags a lot, shows off, and acts like they are better than you because of the things they have? Well, that’s how Abel (the main character) acted in the story Abel’s Island by William Steig. The story starts in a forest just outside of town. The mice Abel and […]


Finding the blue polished stone in the woods turned his life upside down… A poor farm boy named Eragon lives in the land of Alagaësia, where an evil king rules. He is an independent boy, whose father left him at an early age and whose mother died. He did not know much about the outside […]