Left Behind


Left Behind

This an amazing book that refers to the prophecy found in Revelations, the rapture.

It is just another day and Rayford Steele is flying is plane when his flight attendant Hattie Durham tells him half of his passengers have all disappeared. He tells her to calm down and he will check the plane himself, sure enough all the bathrooms are empty along with half the seats of the plane. Worldwide panic spreads as millions mourn the losses of their brothers, sisters, and other family members that went missing.

However a select few know what happened… And desperately look for a hand to hold. Also, just as the Bible prophesied, the antichrist rose from the bottom of a small town and at an alarming rate seizes control of the U.N. He seems like an AMAZING man at first sight, but his true intents are known by very few.

*Warning for young children* There are some intense violence scenes. This book is for kids 13 and older, parents cautioned.

This is an amazing book I recommend for many readers looking for a gripping read. This is a great book for religious and adventure, romance thirsting readers. I rate it 9/10


Title: Left Behind
Author: Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins
Reviewer: Anonymous Lancaster
Reviewer’s Age: 14
Suggested Age Range: 13 – 15


You can find the paperback version here: Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days

You can find the Kindle version here: Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days

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