Keeper of the Lost Cities

Lost cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities

Sophie Foster is a prodigy in a jealous world. Being a 12-year-old high schooler is far from easy, especially when you can read minds. Ever since she was 5, Sophie had heard the minds of everyone around her, forced to hear the hatred of her peers and the sadness concealed in her parent’s minds.

Along comes Fitz Vacker, a strikingly handsome boy who appears to be a kindred spirit. He can read minds too- and he’s an elf. He shows Sophie the city of Eternalia, one of several hidden elven cities. Sophie is both relieved and alarmed to find out that her Telepath powers are almost normal- for elves.

Soon she finds herself torn from her human family and shoved into a world of strangers. She is given new parents, a new school, and an entirely new life. The elven world brings different rules, different food, and even different laws of physics. As she struggles to be accepted in this strange world, Sophie manages to make plenty of enemies, but just as many friends. Soon she joins forces with Dex Diznee, the nephew of her guardians. Sophie comes to terms with the changes, and believes she can finally be happy. However, her mysterious past comes back to haunt her, revealing stolen memories and dark secrets. Before long, she finds herself several difficult situations, from lawbreaking to fights among friends.

Will Sophie find bliss in this new world? Or will she end up an outcast? Keeper of the Lost Cities is an action-packed book filled with exciting new discoveries, recommended for ages 10 and up. There is some violence towards the end that is described in incredible detail, and could scare younger readers. Regardless of the darker bits in the book, there are plenty of bright, exciting parts that fill readers with wonder and excitement. Readers will find themselves begging for more. I would give this book a 9 out of ten.


Title: Keeper of the Lost Cities
Author: Shannon Messenger
Reviewer: Skyshooter
Reviewer’s Age: 13
Suggested Age Range: 10-13


You can find the paperback version here: Keeper of the Lost Cities

You can find the Kindle version here: Keeper of the Lost Cities

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