Magnus is a very good story that takes place in the time of castles and knights of valor. The story is about a young man named, Thomas. Now Thomas has had a dream to conquer the city of Magnus. He also has a secret chest full of books that were written by very smart men, full of knowledge.

Another character is Sir William, a strong knight with sword reflexes that are off the chart.  Also, there is Hawkwood, a real shapeshifter. I would rather not tell you any more characters because that would spoil it. If you want to find out who the other characters are, you are going to have to read Magnus to find out. Ok, I will tell you one more character. I will not tell you much about them, except that they are ten feet tall and can shoot fire from their wrist. Good enough for you? Read Magnus to find out who this mysterious character is.

Will Thomas conquer Magnus? Will Sir William be hung at the gallows? You are going to have to read it to find out.

It is a very fun book to read. The pages are packed with action, peril and love. I hope that you will give this book a try.


Title: Magnus
Author: Sigmund Brouwer
Reviewer: Elijah
Reviewer’s Age: 13
Suggested Age Range: 10-13

You can find the paperback version here: Magnus

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  • Nadine Weldon

    June 6, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Great review! I have gotten to read some of it but I think I will finish it!

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