The Crossover


The Crossover

The Crossover is a Newbery award winner. It is an incredibly beautiful book about a boy who has a great love for basketball. The way he describes his sport is incredible, and readers can tell how much it means to him.

The story centers on Josh Bell. Josh is the son of a college basketball legend, and from the time he was a toddler, it was obvious he had inherited his father’s skills. Josh has a twin brother named Jordan, who also loves basketball.

But when Jordan meets the new girl, his relationship with Josh spirals downward. And on top of that, an unknown tragedy is heading towards the Bell family that will change Josh’s perspective on basketball, family, and the true meaning of doing your best.

One of my favorite parts about this book is the fact that it is written in verse. This book has such a great flow, and it is very difficult to put down. Kwame Alexander is an accomplished poet, but in my opinion, this is his best work. This book is a great fit for readers who enjoy poetry. I would recommend this book for ages 11 and up, but besides a tiny bit of romance, it is completely clean. I would definitely give this book a 9/10.

I hope you can enjoy this book as much as I did.


Title: The Crossover
Author: Kwame Alexander
Reviewer: Paper_person
Reviewer’s Age: 13
Suggested Age Range: 11-13

You can find the paperback version here: The Crossover

You can find the Kindle version here: The Crossover

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