If you’re haven’t read this book yet, you absolutely need to. It is absolutely incredible. It doesn’t matter if you’re eight, or you’re eighteen, this book has benefits for everyone and anyone. A New York Times’ best seller, by R.J. Palacio. This book has gotten many awards and recognitions. The Wall Street Journal says, “A […]


The Urwald was dangerous, a forest full of werewolves, trolls, and, the worst of them all, wizards. The Urwald was a place where you abandoned bad or orphaned children. Well, that’s what everyone told Jinx. But when Jinx’s stepfather goes to abandon Jinx in the Urwald, Jinx is taken in by a kindly wizard named […]

Abel’s Island

Have you ever known anyone who brags a lot, shows off, and acts like they are better than you because of the things they have? Well, that’s how Abel (the main character) acted in the story Abel’s Island by William Steig. The story starts in a forest just outside of town. The mice Abel and […]